Critics Question Objectivity Of Consultant Chosen To Audit Milwaukee Crime Data

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Following a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation into the Milwaukee Police Department’s (“MPD”) misreporting of crime statistics, the City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (“FPC”) promised to conduct an independent audit of the MPD’s crime reporting.

Now that the FPC has announced the potential hiring of PRI Management Group to conduct the audit, critics are questioning whether the audit will be impartial, because PRI has praised MPD Chief Ed Flynn and criticized the Journal Sentinel in several Twitter and blog posts.

For example, after a news conference conducted by Chief Flynn, PRI posted the following on its blog, “Right on Chief! Way to take a stand against slanted reporting.” President of the Milwaukee Police Association Mike Crivello criticized the choice of PRI to conduct the audit, stating “find somebody who is friendly to your cause and then hire them.” Likewise, Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan expressed skepticism that PRI’s audit will be impartial.

The Milwaukee personal injury law firm Samster, Konkel & Safran shares the concern that PRI cannot conduct an independent audit of the MPD if it has already sided with Chief Flynn. We will monitor the audit and report the results on this website.

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