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What is the Primary Cause of Motorcycle Crashes?

Motorcycle accidents can be even more traumatic than crashes between two automobiles, due to the motorcycle’s lack of external protection. They are also smaller and easier to miss for negligent drivers. Injuries resulting from these accidents are frequently severe and long-lasting, and the victims have a right to fight for compensation.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Milwaukee are experienced in how to review the details of your motorcycle accident by considering these factors, and assess the right course of action to obtain just and fair compensation for your injuries.

Five Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to motorcycle safety, you can never be too careful. Motorcycles lack the outer protection shared by cars and trucks, so accidents for bikers can be much more damaging and deadly. Even one slight miscalculation could cause the bike to slide out, or a careless driver failing to check blind spots might swipe your bike, causing a serious collision.

In order to avoid life-threatening situations like these, it’s important that you follow these motorcycle safety tips and stay safe on the road.

  • Always Wear the Right Gear
    • Wearing a helmet is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from serious harm if you should ever get into an accident while on your motorcycle. Motorcyclists lack the same protections truck and car drivers have, and without any other overhead protection, a helmet can be the only thing standing between your head and the pavement. Also, wear reflective gear if you ride at night or in foggy conditions so that other vehicles can see you. It is also a good idea to wear pants and a thick jacket to protect you from road rash if you should fall.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle
    • Make sure your vehicle is always in excellent condition before you hit the road, especially if you plan on taking a longer ride. Check your breaks, fluid levels, and tires. Any bike malfunction could create a serious problem while you’re on the road, potentially causing you to lose control of your bike or crash. To prevent this from happening, make time to perform regular maintenance on your bike or take it to a shop where a professional can help with regular tune-ups.
  • Be Smart, Take Classes
    • Whether you are a newcomer to the world of motorcycle riding or a seasoned professional, it’s important that you keep your skills sharp. If you’re new, make sure you take a motorcycle riding course to learn the basics. You can usually find these courses held through your local city programs or other recreational associations. If you get a new bike, always make sure you practice before taking to the roads. This can help you make sure you’re acquainted with how it drives before you put yourself and others in danger by riding on busy streets. Also, make sure you stay up-to-date on current traffic patterns in your area or any changes in traffic laws that could apply to motorcyclists.
  • Make Yourself Visible
    • Whenever you are on the road, make sure other drivers can see you. Due to their small size, motorcycles are often overlooked by other drivers, which can result in serious harm to the bike rider. So, in order to keep yourself safe on the road, make sure all of your vehicle’s lights and reflectors are in working order and make sure you wear bright colors during the day or a reflective vest at night.
  • Ride Defensively
    • You should also take steps to ensure that other drivers see you before you turn or move in front of them. Never assume that others see you, always err on the side of caution and make eye contact with the other drivers whenever possible. One of the biggest advantages of riding a motorcycle is weaving in and out of lanes to avoid traffic, but when other drivers don’t see you, this can be a particularly dangerous behavior. So, always make sure you are noticed. Drive slowly, make noise, and look in side mirrors or rearview mirrors to try to see the other drivers. Avoid blind spots and stay away from careless drivers whenever possible.

Common Road Hazards for Motorcyclists in Milwaukee

Motorcyclist face different dangers than most drivers on the road due to the weight and size of their vehicle. Sometimes, the natural wear and tear of roads can be just as dangerous as negligent drivers.

Some of the most common road hazards for motorcyclists are:

  • Potholes – A pothole can cause a sudden bump or damage to the undercarriage of your car. A pothole or other road defect on a motorcycle, however, can cause a serious motorcycle accident and serious personal injury. While riding your motorcycle, pay close attention to the road to avoid any potholes or sections of damaged roadway.
  • Speeding – In any vehicle, speeding is dangerous. Speeding while on a motorcycle significantly increases the chance of serious personal injury or even death. Slow down and enjoy the ride when out on your motorcycle in Wisconsin.
  • Careless drivers – The hardest part about riding a motorcycle is dealing with careless drivers who fail to share the rights of the road with motorcyclists. For your personal safety, try to avoid drivers who speed, fail to stop or disobey other traffic signs and signals.
  • Inexperience – Knowing your motorcycle well and how your motorcycle handles are critical factors to your safety and the safety of your passenger. Be sure to take a motorcycle driving course before you ride the open road.

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