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Our attorneys have successfully sued the City of Milwaukee, for millions of dollars in damages for police misconduct and civil rights violations.

Police hold a civic duty to protect the rights of the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, sometimes officers abuse their power and hurt the very citizens they are sworn to protect. When police illegally strip search and search people’s body cavities, victims need aggressive representation they can trust in order to obtain justice. Our Milwaukee civil rights attorneys here at Samster Konkel & Safran represent citizens who’ve endured the humiliation of illegal strip searches and body cavity searches. We fight to secure them every penny they deserve.

Victims of Illegal Strip and Cavity Searches

Illegal strip searches and cavity searches are humiliating and demeaning situations no one should have to experience. In the City of Milwaukee, dozens of people have sued the City performing these illegal cavity searches. Cops have even lost their jobs for groping and sexual touching.

  • If you have been subject to any of the following, you may have a claim for a constitutional rights violation:
  • Anal, rectal searches
  • Strip searches in public
  • Strip searches by someone of the opposite sex

Illegal Searches in Milwaukee

Many states have laws requiring that officers carrying out a strip search must be of the same sex as the suspect, and that the location must be sufficiently private. Both men and women have successfully brought lawsuits against city police officers and state troopers for misconduct. If a strip search leaves you naked and humiliated in a jail cell, there is a chance the arresting officer has behaved inappropriately.

To determine whether your situation rises to the level of police misconduct, you should contact one of our attorneys today. We have more than 100 years of collective experience and have extensive knowledge in handling police misconduct cases. If you’ve been subjected to an illegal strip search or body cavity search, you may be able to obtain substantial compensation.

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