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All-terrain vehicles (“ATV’s”) and All Terrain Cycles (ATC’s) have caused death and serious injuries since people first discovered the fun of off-road driving. During a typical year in the United States, several hundred people die, and tens of thousands of people are injured, while riding ATVs. Our Milwaukee attorneys have helped countless victims who have been injured in ATV and ATC accidents.

  • ATV accidents can be caused by many factors, including:
  • Inexperienced and unskilled riders
  • Children operating ATVs intended for adults
  • Riding a single-person ATV with one or more passengers
  • Reckless ATV driving
  • Riding ATVs under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to wear helmets, goggles and protective clothing
  • Riding ATVs at night
  • Defective or unstable ATV design

ATV Accident Injuries

Like motorcycle accidents, ATV crashes can be extremely dangerous because drivers and passengers of ATVs usually operate the vehicles without the protection of bumpers, doors, or seat belts. Any ATV crash can potentially result in the victims being thrown from the vehicle and suffering from serious lacerations, broken bones, and head injuries. And because ATVs are used off-road, it may be more difficult for emergency response personnel to reach victims after a crash.

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