Milwaukee Alderman Walks Out Of Meeting Over Police Department Crime Reporting

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As previously reported on this website, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation in May 2012 revealed that the Milwaukee Police Department (“MPD”) misreported violent crime statistics, counting aggravated assaults as simple assaults.

In response to the investigation, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (“FPC”) agreed to conduct an audit of the MPD’s crime reporting. The FPC’s choice to conduct the audit, PRI Management Group, has faced criticism because PRI issued public statements in support of MPD Chief Ed Flynn and critical of the Journal Sentinel investigation.

At a Public Safety Committee meeting to discuss the audit, Milwaukee Alderman Joe Davis walked out of the meeting, stating that he would refuse to hear testimony from a PRI representative. Alderman Davis criticized the FPC decision to hire PRI without requesting proposals from other consultants.

“This issue has gotten not only local attention, but national attention – we should be very careful on how we proceed with this,” Alderman Davis said.

Several other aldermen have expressed concerns that PRI cannot conduct an objective audit, considering PRI’s public statements in support of the MPD. The Public Safety Committee passed a resolution directing the Milwaukee Comptroller’s officer to conduct the audit. The Milwaukee Common Council must approve the resolution.

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The Milwaukee civil rights lawyers of Samster, Konkel & Safran are also concerned about whether PRI can conduct an objective audit of the MPD’s crime reporting practices. We will continue to monitor the investigation into the MPD’s crime reporting.

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