Milwaukee Police Department Announces New Strip Search Policy

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As previously reported in our piece about illegal MPD strip searches and cavity searches, several Milwaukee Police Department (“MPD”) officers have been criminally charged with conducting illegal strip searches and illegal body cavity searches. One of the officers involved, MPD Officer Michael Vagnini, has pleaded no contest to eight charges, 4 felony charges of misconduct in public office and 4 misdemeanor charges of conducting illegal searches. The trial for three other MPD officers charged with conducting illegal searches is scheduled to begin on July 22, 2013.

In light of the allegations regarding illegal searches by MPD officers, the City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission is announcing a new policy with respect to conducting strip searches. Under the new policy, strip searches may only be conducted with the approval of a Captain or other high-ranking officer. In addition, the new policy sets forth guidelines for MPD officers conducting pat-down searches and other police-citizen interactions.

The Milwaukee civil rights lawyers of Samster, Konkel & Safran represent several victims of the allegedly illegally searches conducted by MPD officers. Please continue to check this website for updates on the pending illegal search criminal cases against MPD officers.

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