Samster, Konkel & Safran Files Lawsuit Seeking Justice for the Death of Alexander Orlowski

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Back on November 22, 2007, Alexander L. Orlowski died while confined at the Milwaukee County House of Correction (“HOC”). Alex died from a Methadone overdose, after he obtained the drug from another inmate who was selling his prescribed Methadone instead of taking it. Despite the facts that: (1) Alex appeared under the influence of drugs in the days prior to his death and (2) several inmates complained to staff that something was wrong with Alex the night that he died, staff at the HOC failed to prevent Alex from taking the Methadone and failed to provide medical attention to Alex in response to the inmates’ requests.

As a result of Alex’s preventable death, the civil rights lawyers of Samster, Konkel & Safran have filed a Complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. We are bringing the lawsuit on behalf of Alex’s estate, as well as Alex’s father, Mr. Orlowski. The suit names an HOC correctional officer, an HOC sergeant, the superintendent of the HOC, and Milwaukee County as defendants. The estate of Alex is asserting claims based upon the unsafe conditions of confinement at the HOC and the HOC staff’s failure to provide medical attention to Alex. In addition, Mr. Orlowski is asserting a claim for the loss of familial relationship, society and companionship of his son.

Milwaukee County is named as a defendant due to the fact that its policies at the HOC were a driving force behind Alex’s death. In support of the claims against Milwaukee County, we included as part of the Complaint the report of a federal audit conducted by the National Institute of Correction (“NIC”). The NIC report identified numerous problems at the HOC, including, but not limited to, poor security, a failure to properly supervise inmates, insufficient training for HOC employees, and an overall negative culture which led the NIC to call the HOC “a seriously troubled institution.”

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