Wisconsin DOJ DAAT Manual – August 2007

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Law Enforcement Training in Wisconsin

As a law enforcement officer, you will come in contact with people in a wide variety of contexts. Some encounters are much like ordinary social or business contacts. In some situations, however, your duties may require you to exert control over people by giving them orders, directing their movement, or even taking them into custody. Your goal always is to get subjects to comply voluntarily. If they do, you will have achieved your objective without making the encounter unnecessarily adversarial and without any risk of injury to officer or subject.

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Unfortunately, even the best efforts of the most skilled officer to gain voluntary compliance do not always work. Sometimes you will have to use physical force to achieve control and accomplish your legitimate law enforcement objective.

What is DAAT Training?

DAAT stands for “Defensive and Arrest Tactics”. When training to serve in a law enforcement capacity, you will learn when and how to use physical force to control people. DAAT techniques are psycho motor skills, which mean that they involve both the brain and the muscles. For that reason, you will spend much of your time in DAAT actually practicing the techniques—learning the skills first in isolation, and then eventually applying them in simulations. But before you learn how to use force, you must learn when it is appropriate to use force.

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