How You Can Safely Share the Road with Motorcycles

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Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injury to riders. People on motorcycles are essentially completely uncovered, and do not have any protection when they are hit by a car. There are some things every driver can do to make the road a safer place for motorcyclists.

Be Observant

This is one of the most important things you can do to help keep motorcycle riders safe. A high number of motorcycle accidents happen because drivers unknowingly swerve into riders and hit them. By simply checking your mirrors and being aware of your blind spot, you can reduce your chances of harming a motorcyclist. You should never change lanes, make a turn, or do anything else while driving without looking around for other vehicles.

In some states, motorcycles are allowed to split lanes and drive between cars. In places where this is legal, checking your mirrors and blind spots is especially important because a motorcycle may be present in a place you would not expect them to be.

Don’t Speed

Obeying the speed limit is another easy way to protect motorcyclists. If you are traveling at a reasonable pace, you will be able to react to their moves in time.

Give Motorcycles Some Space

If you see a motorcycle on the road, do not follow behind them too closely, or drive right next to them on a multi-lane road. Giving a motorcycle rider plenty of space will make it less likely that you will collide, and make it easier for both of you to change lanes or turn if needed.

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