SIRVA symptoms after flu vaccine

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Hey everyone, this is Jubaile of Groth Law Firm and the vaccine injury attorney here. So I have here an inquiry, for a potential vaccine injury claim. So the client received the flu vaccine in the left shoulder about 10 a. m. in the morning and later that same day around 1 to 2 p. m. His left arm became swollen and he started feeling pain 10 out of 10, and he actually developed a rash in the injection site.
Also, he says that he couldn’t move his left arm or left shoulder. , Now I think that this client or potential client he is suffering from SIRVA, which is shoulder injury related to vaccine administration. And I think that he’s suffering from SIRVA due to the great amount of pain that he’s feeling, which is 10 out of 10 and the limited range of motion that he says that he was experiencing at that, at that time.
And also he developed these symptoms within 48 hours of the vaccine administration.

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