Fatal Accident in Milwaukee When Truck Hit Bridge Abutment

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A tragic case, which was reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, among other news outlets, involved a loaded semi-truck that struck a sign bridge while going around a curve on the Marquette interchange in Milwaukee. The resulting truck accident caused the sign bridge to collapse, striking an automobile and a Milwaukee County Bus. The driver of the automobile was killed. To add to the tragedy, the young woman was on the way to her wedding shower when the truck hit the bridge, causing this accident. The driver of the bus was also seriously injured. Multiple lawsuits followed this tragic case.

Our Milwaukee Truck Accident Lawyers Investigate the Case

During our investigation it was determined that the truck driver, and the trucking company, violated numerous Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Regulations, specifically including FMCSR §396.13 and FMCSR §392.9. Our investigation also revealed that a cause of the driver losing control of his semi-truck and trailer was as a result of improper loading of cargo in the trailer.

This investigation caused us to not only sue the semi-truck driver and the common carrier that employed him, but also the warehouse in Seattle, Washington that was responsible for the loading of the cargo. Our investigation, and expert witnesses retained on behalf of our client, discovered even more violations of Federal Regulations including FMCSR §393.100 and FMCSR §393.102

  • Some common causes of truck accidents include:
  • Speeding.
  • Improper or over loading.
  • Lack of proper maintenance.
  • Faulty manufacturing or parts.

While nothing can reverse the tragedy of a serious injury or death, in this case the responsible parties were held civilly responsible through the hard work and diligent investigation of this case.

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