Illegal U-Turn by Truck Driver Causes Serious Accident

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Even experienced drivers can cause serious injuries. In a case handled by our attorneys here at Samster Konkel & Safran, our young client was severely injured when a City of Milwaukee Sanitation worker made an illegal U-turn on 101st Street in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. The driver attempted to swerve but a serious crash resulted in extensive personal injuries to our client.

Milwaukee Auto Accident Case

This case was complicated by Wisconsin immunity laws that limit liability for personal injury accidents for municipalities such as Milwaukee. In this case, our personal injury lawyers at Samster Konkel & Safranwere able to obtain maximum recovery from the City of Milwaukee truck driver, as well as insurance policy limits recovery from the car in which our client was a passenger.

The compensation our client received helped pay for medical expenses, medical equipment and rehabilitation past and present. Because our client was a minor, we were able to obtain court approval for a maximum policy limits settlement and assure that funds would be available for her after she turned eighteen. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation to find out if you may be eligible for maximum compensation as well.

  • This case demonstrates several important factors to consider when deciding how to process after an auto accident in Milwaukee:
  • Working with an attorney can really benefit you.
  • Usually you have a much better chance of obtaining maximum compensation when allowing an attorney to handle your auto accident case.
  • Even in cases in which a government employee causes injury to a victim, there may be alternate ways for the victim to claim compensation despite immunity.

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