Saukville Motorcycle Accident Case Study

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In the “no good deed goes unpunished” category, a motorcyclist’s quick thinking resulted in a quick denial by Progressive Insurance Company and their legal team.

Our client, an experienced motorcyclist, was driving her 2002 Sportster north on County Hwy I in the village of Saukville. The driver of the car in front of her made a signal and moved into the right turn lane as they approached Cedar Sauk Road. Suddenly and without warning the car changed its mind and attempted to make a left turn. Faced with an emergency situation our client broke hard and laid down her bike in order to avoid a broadside collision with the errant automobile.

While her injuries would’ve been much worse had a collision ensued, she suffered a broken wrist, bruised hip and multiple abrasions. These injuries caused her not only medical expenses, but lost time from work and a protracted recovery.

Milwaukee Auto Accident Lawyers Taking the Fight to the Insurance Company

Even though there was a clear violation of the rules of the road, an independent witness, and a citation issued to the driver of the left turning car, that driver’s insurance company denied our clients legitimate claim. The basis for the denial was the claim that our driver must have quote “overreacted” in laying down her bike to avoid the collision. Our Saukville motorcycle accident attorneys at Samster Konkel & Safraninitiated a lawsuit against Progressive insurance in the Ozaukee County Circuit Court in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

  • The case was ultimately resolved for a full recovery for our client’s injuries, including:
  • Medical bills,
  • Lost wages,
  • Pain-and-suffering,
  • And, enough left over to upgrade her to a new Fat Boy.

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